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Background: Cloud Gaming and Frame-by-Frame Delivery

Content delivery for the Internet has accelerated recently with the incredibly popular Over-the-top (OTT) Video streaming services like Netflix and Disney+.  OTT Video delivery, however, is not suitable for the next generation of content delivery for cloud gaming, cloud AR/VR, and Metaverse applications. 

 With these applications the video/game processing is performed in the cloud while the user controls the game from their home.  For this highly interactive engagement by the user, they require millisecond latencies (up to 1000 times faster) such that the delay is not noticeable by the user.

 This new frame-by-frame delivery approach is starting to be adopted globally for cloud gaming services as edge compute is becoming available, new video codecs means higher levels of video compression are possible, higher speed Wi-Fi and 5G are available, and there is a huge need to support tiny end devices such as AR Spectacles.



XtreamCompute has built a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) content delivery product, called XtreamLINK, for ultra-thin clients for use in media, gaming, and cloud AR/VR applications to enable them to access high performance remote-compute with ultra-low-latency, seamless operation, and high reliability. XtreamLINK has special proprietary techniques for delivery, this enables us to reduce the latency by up to a half which could mean savings of anywhere from 10 – 40ms. 

XtreamLINK is a novel protocol and connectivity solution for minimizing latency, while overcoming packet loss, jitter, and congestion. 


 Low Latency Solution to minimize your infrastructure costs

 Our novel software product has more benefits than simply improving user experience.

 The technology reduces the need for extra infrastructure and this means that less data centers need to be provisioned to reach the same number of end users.


Key Benefits are :-


1 Improved User Experience

  • Extremely Low latency
  • Highly reliable and robust to Jitter and packet loss
  • Easy to use and deploy
  • Reduces user churn and customer acquisition costs.

2 Lower Cost Infrastructure

  • Reduces the need for additional data centers to reach customers homes
  • Cost savings are estimated at up to $2/user/month
  • Low complexity solution at both server and client

3 Network Service Center Benefits

  • Reduces expensive calls to customer support
  • Robust to network outages and drops
  • Includes redundancy on the network